Print Setup and Onboarding (S&O) Design at HP Inc. 


I'm currently a member of the Global Experience Design (GxD) team at HP Inc., and I focus primarily on the setup and onboarding (S&O) print experiences for consumer home office print users. I take great care in making sure users are satisfied right from the moment they decide to purchase one of HP's printers, and that their S&O experiences are as seamless and painless as possible. 

I've designed and translated numerous user flows into high-fidelity Figma prototypes, and have collaborated extensively with software, hardware and app development teams to ensure HP's design directives are satisfied. Some software and app based products I'm involved with are HP Easy Start and the HP Smart app. 


UX/Interaction Designer 


Global Experience Design (GxD)                    - Setup and Onboarding (S&O)


Miro, Figma/FigJam, Jira, Google/Microsoft Suite 


June 2022 - Present


Projects and designs are confidential