Hi there! I'm Daniel, a Product Designer based in California

I’m a highly motivated product designer with a background in Cognitive Science that strives to develop brands, products and experiences that are compelling and intuitive to use, prioritizing the users’ happiness in every aspect of their journeys.

Currently part of the Global Experience Design team @ HP


My Work:

Print Setup and Onboarding Design

Product/Interaction Design 

Designing and streamlining setup and onboarding print experiences as part of the Global Experience Design team at HP Inc. 

LinkedIn Creative Conceptual Redesign

Conceptual iOS App Redesign

A reimagining of LinkedIn's current mobile app to allow creatives to better showcase their work, and recruiters to discover creative work more efficiently.

Elana: A Responsive Platform for Women's Pelvic Care

Responsive Health Platform Design

An 8-week client project dedicated to creating a MVP of a platform that would destigmatize pelvic health and provide a space where pelvic care practitioners and women can easily find and connect with one another. 

Cali Games E-Commerce Website Responsive Redesign

Conceptual E-Commerce Website Redesign

A redesign of a video game e-commerce store's website, along with responsive designs of key screens. 

Outta Pocket: An Educational Finance Platform

Mobile-First Financial Resource Platform

A 3-Day hackathon project created to answer the prompt of "Accessible Money Management." 

Dex: The All-In-One Hub for Esports

White Label SaaS Software for Esports

A client project focused on giving league managers and gamers all the neccessary tools to create, manage, and participate in leagues. Designed to be mobile-first.